Speak your mind.
Act on facts.

Weekli asks questions and lets all employees say what they think, each week, completely anonymously. The answers are presented and enable you to act on facts, which is a prerequisite for focusing on the right things and creating change that benefits everyone.

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Speak your mind

Once a week, all employees answer ten questions, completely anonymously. The questions are scientifically validated about the perceived social work environment. The responses are compiled and data is presented at the individual level for the employee.

Weekli gives employees tips and insights that will provide important support for self-leadership and personal development.

Act on facts

Weekli compiles the results of the employee’s responses in clear graphs that provide an overview of group and organizational level. It is as a result easy to use the data as a starting point in the change work with employees and management teams.

Data is also converted into concrete tips and insights to help you understand your organization and in what areas you need to focus your efforts to improve well-being.

Create change

Weekli provides a prerequisite for change. By giving employees access to say what they think, expectations are consequently created that things will be addressed. But in the end, it is the management’s responsibility to ensure that all data that is collected will lead to action.

By introducing a process based on facts from regular measurements, even more engagement can be created in the organization, as everyone feels that their views are important and result in positive change.

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Do you also want to access facts that help you make the right decision, start working on data driven to achieve a prosperous and efficient organization and also let your employees speak and thus create commitment? Weekli makes it possible.

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