This is Weekli

Weekli gives a voice to each employee. It ensures and secures anonymity so that the entire workforce is given their right to speak their mind every week.

This makes it possible for leaders and managers to take action based on both data and intuition. Acting on facts will move the organization into a data driven mode and empower it to act with more precision.

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Become a better leader.
Connect your intuition to data and numbers.

Are people in your teams getting burned out? Or are they even quitting their jobs?

With Weekli, it is possible to predict the behavior of your team members to avoid unnecessary conflicts, lack of engagement, absentees and resignations.

It also measures positive values such as the quality of your leadership, the strength of your culture and the power of the growth mindset in your organization.

Weekli for management

Real data, right decisions!

With Weekli, it’s possible to lead based on actual facts rather than on hearsay.

Use the data provided by your own employees to create real change in your workplace and to address the issues while they are still fresh.

Weekli for everyone

Speak your mind. Every time.

Improve your workplace by voicing your opinion.

Weekli allows you to speak your mind every week, making yearly and out of date reviews obsolete.

Use the intuitive chat interface to answer your questions each week and get insights on your psycho-social health through the app.

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Do you want to voice your concerns every week and see immediate change at your workplace? Hear your employees out on a regular basis and really understand their challenges? Act on facts and make decisions that pay off? Weekli makes it all possible.

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Frequently asked questions

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Feel free to contact us

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What is Weekli?

Weekli is a digital tool for professional development, created for employees interested in getting more out of themselves and their workplace. The group’s results can be used as a basis for highlighting difficult subjects that employees often find it hard to put their fingers on.

What does Weekli measure?

Weekli issues weekly questions about your team’s work and life situation and, through their answers, receives an ongoing curve of how they feel and perform. You also get a customized insight every week that matches the situation at your particular workplace.

What is an intelligent pulse?

An intelligent pulse is a wave of 10-12 questions sent out every Monday at 10 am. The questions are tailored to how your team has answered previous questions to increase relevance to the questions to each individual and increase the degree of anonymity.

Why should my team answer the questions every week?

Weekli learns more about your team for each question they answer, and you get better customized insights if they answer each week.

How anonymous are my employees in the survey?

We use several different data algorithms to reduce the likelihood of calculating their responses, which guarantees your anonymity.